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Grace for the Wedding Reception of Andrew and Diana




                                                                            Thank you Lord for dear Diana

                                                                             Who in her scintillating manner

                                                                             Lifts life's gloom and makes things better

                                                                             With each year's crazy Christmas letter;

                                                                             Whose hair, so preternaturally white,

                                                                             Turns-turtle Time, puts age to flight;

                                                                             Whose earth-soiled hands and broken nails

                                                                             Be-flower beds and murder snails;

                                                                             Whose biceps lift the sort of weight

                                                                             To make a navvy hesitate;

                                                                             Who's travelled far and travelled wide

                                                                             And taken so much in her stride;

                                                                             Whose heart is big, embraces all               

                                                                             And brooks no enemies at all;

                                                                             Who loves and captivates not least

                                                                             A wayward, wandering Aussie priest.



                                                                             Thank you Lord for Andrew Neaum,

                                                                             Whose nickname should be Carpe Diem,

                                                                             For though not fast and far from sainted,

                                                                             When only briefly reacquainted

                                                                             He yet, upon Midsummer's Day

                                                                             Seized upon and made a play

                                                                             (Graveyard benched, in chivalrous manner)

                                                                             For the hand in marriage of Diana.

                                                                             Who'd have thought she'd acquiesce?

                                                                             But that she did, she gave her 'Yes'.

                                                                             A risk transforming both their lives,

                                                                             Their mutual love the sort that thrives

                                                                             On change and risk and bouleverser

                                                                             (Pardonner please my French mauvais!)



                                                                             Thanks too for friends from near and far

                                                                             Who've come by train or plane or car

                                                                             To celebrate this happy day

                                                                             In such an openhearted way.

                                                                             For sparkling booze and lovely food,

                                                                             For joyful atmosphere and mood,

                                                                             For jokes and burps and loud guffaws,

                                                                             For dancing, laughter and applause;

                                                                             For this, for that, for all and such,

                                                                             Thank you, Lord so very much! Amen.